The Happening: JRP Powersnet Launch!

Ever dreamt of a place where you can discuss your passions freely with like-minded folk? Well, stop it, visionary, because the hub you've been waiting for is finally here! Just recently, I was invited to become an ambassador for Powersnet, a social networking site launched by John Robert Powers where you can post pictures and ask questions about absolutely anything that tickles your fancy! Along with fellow ambassadors Carlos Concepcion, Patti Grandidge, Lissa Kahayon, and Laureen Uy, I'd like to invite everyone to sign-up and become part of the newest lifestyle compendium this side of the metro! I heard you get a chance to win an iPad, iPhone 4, or Blackberry too once you do. So go and be a Powersnet member now, stat!

Powersnet Ambassadors: Bobby x Carlos x Patti x Lissa x Laureen


Marco said...

i cant login! i always get login error. tried resetting my password a number of times, but still to no avail. really frustrating already. :(

Anonymous said...

hi mr ambassador! please help me get through my feedback re: powersnet error login. i have changed my password like 100 time already (ok, i may be exaggerating) AND I STILL CANT LOGIN!!!! please help.... thanks a bunch!

Styles I Love said...

Hey Mr. Anonymous,

We had a website reboot recently. Can you check if the problem still occurs? If yes, let me know. I'll check with the technical team! Thanks for joining Powersnet! :)

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