The Item: What's Up Work Boots at Carbon

Tommy Ton's contributions to GQ are always something to behold. In the few days he is tasked to cover street style at fashion weeks, he always manages to come up with an album that both envies and inspires. Intentionally or not, he also capsules the latest trends direct from the world's most stylish men. This time, he shows us how the work boot fever has caught on in Florence. Although by no means new (most all Hong Kong men were wearing them in August), it's a bulky look that I'm happy has sustained. However, the question is, can we get a piece of that here?

Work boots have taken over the what-goes-best-with-denim discussion

The thicker aesthetic is a fresh break from the slimmer numbers we've settled in

Fortunately, we can! I was walking around Greenbelt 3 earlier when I spotted these strikingly similar boots in Carbon. The local shop started carrying imported names lately and I, for one, can't help but laud their efforts. The boots are from a Hong Kong-based brand called What's Up and as you can see, they're pretty Florence, Italy ready. The mustard laces instantly pop against the chocolate brown and navy uppers and that chunk, oh that chunk will be the end of me. For about P4,600++, I actually don't mind. It's a fair price to pay to look like a dashing Pitti Uomo patron!

The seemingly obvious choice is the brown pair because of its classic color combo

However, this proud navy blue pair is putting up quite the fight!


Anonymous said...

in which greenbelt is carbon located? they also have a branch in rockwell, right?

Styles I Love said...

Hi, if I haven't mixed up my Greenbelts just yet, I think it was in Greenbelt 3. I know they also have a branch in Rockwell, but it's considerably smaller so I'm not sure if they carry these there. I'll check the next time I drop by.

Anonymous said...

i saw these at carbon a while ago. pretty good. but i also saw a pair of boots over at zara. the price difference is about a thousand bucks. which one do you think is the better buy?

Styles I Love said...

I haven't seen the ones from Zara just yet, so i really can't say. Offhand, though, I think you should just stick to these because they're cool enough and hey, a thousand bucks can get you a whole lot of swag you can pair with your awesome new boots!

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