The Happening: Classic Officer Swagger

My girlfriend and I recently went to our dear alma mater to claim our much-delayed yearbook. While that didn't pan out the way we wanted to (releasing was moved yet again!), it was a treat to roam around the campus again and reminisce about the fun times we had. Ultimately, our wandering led us to the school bookstore where I saw this photograph on the cover of Ateneo's 150th anniversary book. Boy, oh boy. Well-fitting double-breasted suits with contrast slim ties? I would've volunteered to be an officer back then if it entailed wearing this all but boyish ensemble!

How cold was it in Manila back then? Cold enough to throw a coat on, as it stands.

A short stop at the old Rizal Library converted into the new Ateneo Art Gallery

Awww, I missed sitting in those damn seats. My favorite classroom!


Jech said...

Woah. I didn't know you were from Ateneo? High five!

Styles I Love said...

High five, Jech! We're true blue, through and through! One big fight! Fabilioh! Halikinu! Haha.

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