The Item: The 21Men Brown Tweed Blazer

There is little doubt in my mind that Forever 21 was the brand that made the most impact locally in 2010. Yeah, Muji has its followers, but shortly after its launch, the long lines and crowds were gone. Forever 21, however, remains strong. I recently went with my sisters and good lord, was there a lot of people! The fashion-for-less proposition has really struck a chord with Filipinos and the brand just keeps on giving. I saw this handsome tweed blazer on display and was quite impressed with its construction. Very professorial and smart, which is always a plus by me. It's quite heavy, though, so wear it with discretion. If you're somewhere cold, go ahead. As you can see below it goes nicely with a gray vest, shirt and tie. Well played, you talented stylist, you!

It also comes in gray, but this color is classic tweed. More tailored items please!


elizar33 said...

I saw this one as well! I was hoping there would be elbow patches as the blazer looks vintage-inspired...
There we're not present.

Angel said...

I love this photo! I wish my boyfriend could dress in something sharp for a formal event. What do you think about "Express for men?"

Styles I Love said...

Hi Elizar,
Leather elbow touches would have made a fine touch! It'll give it that right hunting look that we've seen from all those richy-poo movies!

Hi Angel,
Oh no, couldn't quite follow your question. Are you talking about a brand called "Express". Do let me know so I can address it. Thanks!

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