Style I Love: Practicing What I Preach

On the last day of plain + simple's first bazaar, I decided on an attire that perfectly embodies the minimalism that our brand promotes. Nothing fancy, but all pieces fit well and look good together. Pale oxford shirt, linen shorts, loafers, and charming bracelet - I could wear this combination everyday. Oh, what's that? Right, I actually did do that during the break. Anyhow, I should've thought twice before wearing those leather-soled shoes while hauling heavy stuff. I think I added a lot "character" (see "damage") to them that day. All's good, though, all's good.

Pale Green Oxford Shirt (Uniqlo), White Linen Shorts - Altered (Folded and Hung)
Maple Loafers (Opening Ceremony), Awesome Clothes Surrounding Me (plain + simple)


Jech said...

great combo! all day, everyday for me.

Styles I Love said...

all day, everyday, every damn day, jech!

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