The Item: Fred Perry Suede Desert Boots

Ah, finally got to drop by the Laurel Wreath shop in Greenbelt 5 again after what seemed like an eternity! Perfect timing too it figured, since the new arrivals just dropped and were there for me to ogle at. As usual, my eyes initially shifted to the shoe offerings. In this first post of what will be a two-part Fred Perry footwear-fest, allow me to shine the light on these lovely suede desert boots. The Laurel brand put their own twist to it with the slimmer profile and more contemporary soles whose colors blend well with the delicious suede uppers. Oh, Fred, how I missed you!

The tan sole highlights the navy blue suede. One of my favorite color combos!

The mustard will mesh well with classic blue jeans, folded at the end of course!


Anonymous said...

these are nice! did you happen to get the price?

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