The Item: Hickok Caramel Braided Belt

Ever since I got my caramel Opening Ceremony loafers last year, I've always had a difficult time finding the right belt to pair it with. I tried wearing it with my dark brown and green canvas belts, but they just didn't feel right. I guess I'm old school in that I really want my shoes and belt to be perfectly cohesive. With this realization, I finally pulled the trigger on this slim caramel braided belt from Hickok that I've had my eye on for a while. While I initially only intended it for my OCs, I found that it also goes well with my other non-black/gray shoes too. Ah, another worthy buy from Robinson's Department Store at only P475! Man, I wonder what else they have for me!

I just love the rich caramel color. By itself, it can already become an outfit's highlight

I already have three Hickok belts (another like this in black). Great, great value!


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