The Women: Tweetie De Leon in Rogue

I haven't posted any men's magazine covers lately, primarily because I see all of them as run-of-the-mill attempts to glorify the female figure. Topless shot covered with hair here, another in a bikini there - all good to look at, don't get me wrong, but sometimes it's all too much. Sometimes, we need to be reminded about beauty in its essence - face, posture, and just pure class. All of these are highlighted in Rogue's February cover featuring my ultimate crush, Ms. Tweetie De Leon. The cover article's penned by friend Raymond Ang, and while he's as talented a writer as I know, I reckon people will have a hard time looking away from these oh so glorious snaps.

Like fine wine, Ms. De Leon just gets better and better and better with age


Songs Not Knives said...

Haha I totally agree, Bobby. I really regret not going to that shoot.

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