The Beat: Lupe Fiasco's "Show Goes On"

Way before I listened to Drake and Kid Cudi, I was totally obsessed with the music of Lupe Fiasco. He was one of the first MCs I knew who actually had something relevant to say. Going against the trend then of rambling about pimp hands and spending Gs, Lupe represented a new breed of rappers, one that spoke of something as deep as religion ("Muhammad Walks") or something as lighthearted as skateboarding ("Kick/Push"). After four long years of waiting, he's back, bringing with him a catchy beat, a sick melody, and the same socially conscious and inspirational lyrics we've come to expect. Back and better than ever, but four years far too long!


Anonymous said...

Hey man, I love your site. As regards MCs "who actually had something relevant to say", there are a lot of them from the golden age of rap - A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Jungle Brothers. These guys are from the Native Tongue Collective and have influenced a lot of today's acts. More recent groups with the same style would be Blackalicious, Latyrx, Lifesavas, etc.

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