The Item: Muji Navy Blue Blazer

You know what's a tell-tale sign that you should really buy something? When you go back for said item day after day, try it on countless times, and fall in love with it over and over again. Well, folks, that's exactly what happened with this lovely navy blue two-button blazer from Muji. As pathetic as it sounds, its proximity from my office allowed me to go visit it every single lunch break since I saw it, trying it on with various outfits and seeing that finally - after the fifth day - it was clearly meant for me. The cotton fabric allows me to crumple it up and pair it down with jeans and the navy blue color just goes beautifully with brown, black, gray, and what have you. Tad overpriced at P3,495, but well worth it! (First blogged about this look on Powersnet!)

Man, I don't know why I took so long deciding on this! So, so versatile!

Thanks to my new blazer, I was a "Sartorial Fridays" Pick in Power Plant Mall!


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