The Item: SM Department Store Braided Belt

I'm sure your grandpa had one, your dad still possibly has one, and now, I got one too! Yes, it seems as though my clothing preferences are growing up faster than I am because I again ventured deep into daddy territory with my purchase of a leather braided belt from my emerging bargain shopping location - SM Department Store. (Hate to admit it, but that place is becoming quite addicting.)

Anyhow, I've been wanting to get a black leather belt for a while now, and I believe I got the most interesting option in that braided number you see below. It's just more charming than others in my view, with its intricate leather weave and potential double duty for casual wear with khakis and office wear with slacks. Luckily, I didn't have to shell anything out as I got it for free with an SM Gift Certificate I had in store. Yes, another day, another great find! Ah, this never gets old.

A great reason to start tucking in my shirts again!

Planning to get another in brown too, with a gold buckle!


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