Style I Love: Fashion Week 09 Flashback

So it's that time of the year again. Philippine Fashion Week kicked off yesterday at the SMX Convention Center and with the unveiling of this year's collections, I can't help but reminisce what happened during my first foray last year. Truth be told, I was there more to take pictures of fine men of style than I was to admire the shows. Didn't know much of local designers, I must admit, so I stuck to those people on the streets who did menswear proud. Below are the best of the bunch I took from the days I was there. I'll be going tomorrow, and I'm excited to see if you'll be able to top these well-dressed gents with your garb. I'm rooting for 'ya, so make me proud, boys!

Button-down as cardigan, embroidered pants, sandals: Effortless at its finest!

To this day, I'm still in search for those tailored jersey pants!

The caramel belt stands out, but everything else is spot-on!