The Beat: Travie Mccoy's "We'll Be Alright"

I've been a huge fan of Gym Class Heroes ever since I chanced upon their performance in The Tonight Show a few years back. They played "Cupid's Chokehold" then, and really, that's all it took for me to download every song the group had. Hell, I was such a fan that I even watched them live in Philly when I went to the States some years ago. What really enthralled me most was the band's unique mix of hip hop and alternative, a blend that was so seamless, you'd wonder why nobody to master it before the way they did.

Well, the band's heart and soul - Travie Mccoy - has ventured into solo territory recently, bringing with him the Heroes' fresh vibe and trademark witty lyrics. I'm sure y'all have heard his first single "Billionaire" featuring Bruno Mars, but I'd like you to get familiar with his second release entitled "We'll Be Alright". It's a bit different as he doesn't rap a single verse, but man, the melody's catchy as hell and unfortunately, it's the perfect summer anthem that just came a bit too late for our tropic nation. Still a great listen though, especially on those last ditch road trips you're planning!


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