The Happening: Style Ambassador

While Kristie Kenney was a US ambassador that was beloved by many Filipinos (especially those who got visas under her regime), I can't fully get behind all the style choices that she made during her stay here. Yeah, her looks were fine for what they were, but they were just too boring and conventional for me, a little too Republican if you will. Quite easily, it is in this field where the new sheriff in town has her beat.

Harry K. Thomas Jr. (sweet name) was recently appointed by the Obama administation to take charge of operations here and while I don't know anything about the guy, I will tell you this: The man knows a thing or two about dressing. Just look at what he wore to the US Memorial Day commemoration at the American cemetery in Fort Bonifacio. Gray blazer, blue shirt, and a beautiful bow tie, topped off with a fedora - sartorial superstar stuff I'd say. Hopefully, his swag carries on for the duration of his stay. Lord knows we need a stylish man in politics-ish, as our president-to-be isn't really poised to be the next John F. Kennedy.

The style ambassador with VP-to-be "Jejemon" Binay

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