The Item: My Birthday Wish List!

Well, would you look at that. A mere day before my 23rd birthday. Another digit added to my clock and another occasion where people will be egging me on to treat them somewhere special (an upside-down tradition, I still think, in this bizarro country of ours). Aside from libres, though, another yearly tradition of mine is to come up with a list of material desires that would put a smile or two on this one-year-older-to-be face.

From last year's lineup, I was actually able to get one item immediately, with another following some months after. This year, though, it'd be great to get 'em for free. These are things I need after all, but ultimately that's wishful thinking from a man who's not expecting any unheard of surprises anytime soon. Really, I'm not expecting, which makes me very prone to any and all unannounced presents! Without further ado, here's this year's picks.

1. This Guy's White Bucks

I have loafers; I have oxfords; I have boat shoes; I have espadrilles; I have plimsolls; I have sneakers. What I don't have though are fine white bucks like this gentleman has on in the picture below. I mean, I have white shoes and all, but being a bit older, it's time to move on to something more grown up yet still casual. While my off-white boat shoes have done that for me lately, I've worn them to death and it's time for a change.

2. Commes Des Garcons Play Shirt

While I don't go for expensive stuff that I can't see the value in, I'm throwing the rulebook out on this one, folks. Thanks to my current weight gain, some of my basic shirts don't cooperate anymore, thus the need - NEED - to get a new one. Yes, a plain white shirt would be fine, but wouldn't it be nicer to have a heart with two eyes watching over you? I know I'd feel more loved and secure with that added touch, even though it quadruples the asking price.

3. The Perfect Jersey Blazer
I've always wanted to wear a blazer casually. Thing is, my hyperactive sweat glands and the intensified global warming here always work against me and my dream. That's when I learned about the unstructured jersey blazer. I got excited as it was lightweight as hell and not as business-y as those one worn by corporate folk. It was perfect. They had one in Zara, but just not in my size, and yeah, all branches were out. Disappointing, but I'm still hoping I could dig one up somewhere!

4. Jake Gyllenhaal's Mini Tie-Bar
I love Jake Gyllenhaal's ensemble for his GQ cover but for me what stands out is the diminutive tie-bar he was wearing. That sliver of metal that peeks out oh so slightly not only brings order to that sweet knit tie he was wearing, but also makes it infinitely more interesting. I haven't had luck finding a similar-sized tie bar locally, but maybe, just maybe, one kind soul could at least point me in the right direction.

5. Apple Iphone 4
I guess I already summed it up in this post. But with my Motorola Razr V9 slowly deteriorating, it's time to fall prey to the marketing hype and finally switch to the ever-expensive Apple brand.


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