The Item: The Ultra Amazing FILED! Folders!

Oh yeah, it's the start of the school year again, kiddos - back to books, back to pop quizzes, back to burning the midnight oil. You know, the things you regularly dread, but no, no, no, not this year. Not when you have your friends with you, not when you all have the awesome FILED! Folders to help you get through the 2010-2011 study season!

With pockets for everything you could possibly need (calculators, notepads, iPods, flash disks, post-its, calling cards), a detachable pencil case, 3 paper sleeves (with back-to-back slots) for handouts, a provision at the back for long bond papers, and a handle option for convenience (whew!), it's your perfect partner in getting your life organized in style for this school year ahead!

As if that wasn't enough, cover that fully functional interior with six (count 'em, six!) colors to choose from and what you have is a folder that's not just a folder, but an expression of your style and individuality. No more boring binders for you this year, you stylish young buck, you!

The FILED! crew's bigger and better, and the best school supply on the face of the earth is adding more friends as the days go by. Don't get left behind and get yours today! With FILED! Folders, you can FIT IN, STAND OUT, and get ORGANIZED in STYLE! (For more info, click here!)


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Bob, I super love the plug! And I absolutely love how you've made this project v v lucrative! =)

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