The Happening: What's Your Laurel Story?

You know what I really love about Fred Perry? The clothes, yeah, but to be honest, it's the brand's deeply rooted heritage which separates it from the rest. Since the late 50s, the original Fred Perry Pique shirt has been part of countless stories in history, from the Mods' in the 50s, to the Punks in the 70s, to the once strapping well-dressed young man your grandpa used to be.

What truly amazes me is even up to now, the brand is as strong and as present as ever in the many cultures around the world. Personally, I see a lot of people from different walks of life sporting the Laurel, each with their own special story to tell. I'm sure you do too; you're even probably thinking about it now. Well stop thinking and start sharing, dear Fred!

The brand's giving away 5,000 British Pounds(!) to the most interesting Fred Perry picture/video story you have! For full details, click here and share away! I for one will be thinking of my best tale, and win or lose, reminiscing on what Fred Perry has been in my life will have already been a rewarding experience in itself. A vote or two still won't hurt though! Tell you once mine is up!

You can be one of these chaps who've already sent theirs!

Photos courtesy of Fred Perry Tell Us Your Story


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