The Icon: Lou Adler's Courtside Style

As the NBA Finals shifts back to the Staples Center in L.A. with Boston up 3-2, everybody's talking about whether or not the still Lakers have it in them to nod it up and force a winner-take-all Game 7. While that should be enough to make every basketball fan cream his pants, this viewer will be looking out for something more, namely the style showcase of one frequent courtside attendee (who always sits beside numero uno Laker fan Jack Nicholson), Lou Adler.

As Wikipedia has so graciously informed us, Mr. Adler is an American record producer, manager, and director.Well, after seeing the pictures that Clear Shoe Box Project owner Vincent sent me, he can also add full-fledged man of style to his already impressive resume. In contrast to the others who go to the game and sit close to the action, Mr. Adler truly has his shit together.

His wrist accessory game is sick. His hat preferences are sublime. And his white aviator sunglasses (though unchanging despite his various looks) are classic and fun enough to merit credit every single time. He looks to be a fan of layering too (with his cardigans, vests, and blazers), as well as a quirky sock lover - you know, the little nuances that make a man well-dressed in my book. While I still don't know who'll win tomorrow, we can all bet Mr. Adler will be there sporting something awesome. That's as sure as a Tim Duncan bank shot.

Notice the watch and bracelets? That's just masterful blending!

Loving the shade of that cardi and those socks, oh those socks!

Calm coolness at its finest. Not everyone can pull off that hat!

Outta the way, Jack. Mr. Adler is having a ball in a fine tweed blazer and newsboy cap.


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