The Happening: The Sights of Metrowear

I wrote about the girls and the menswear of Metrowear earlier, but now the wannabe photographer in me just wants to show some "outtakes" of the visually exciting night that was. Now I have to give props to the set; it had a first-world feel about it, complete with moving parts and all. I didn't care so much about the sponsor giveaways though.

Not only did they stall the already anxious audience, but they also gave the prizes away to priveleged A-listers. While I understand the objective, this was still complete utter bollocks. What eased the tension however were some WTF looks which brought some unexpected LOLs to this viewer. Hell, one model even almost overshot the runway and one looked like he came from the Renaissance. Despite all this, however, my first Metrowear was still a smashing success, so much so that I'm already looking forward to the next installment later this year!

The lighting, as you can see, was well-done

The set was something else too...epic even

Hosts Marc Abaya and Bianca Valerio with the sponsor-driven "festivities"

Co-presenter Samsung showed its spending power with a pre-show dance number

And finally, the visually impaired model and Shakespeare himself in the flesh


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