The Happening: The Girls of Metrowear

The grand 'ole Metrowear Fashion Show went down yesterday, showcasing the best the country has to offer with creative imaginings of the Young Designers Guild and Fashion Design Council of the Philippines. While there were a lot of impressive pieces to oggle at (Louis Claparols, I'm looking at you!), admittedly there was a shortage of menswear pieces that night. The upside, however, is that instead of svelte men, what we got were a lot of lovely women strutting their stuff on the catwalk. After about an hour or so of eye candy, I must say, there is definitely no complaining to be had 'ere.

Maricar Reyes all smiley in Claparols and Ornussa Cadness in Regine Dulay

Karylle pirouetting in Reian Mata and Ria Bolivar fiercing it up in Veejay Floresca

Our favorite Malaysian import Carmen Soo working it in various poses


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