The Happening: Menswear at Metrowear

Now enough about the pretty girls; I just had to get that out of the way. This is a men's style blog after all so let's get to the reason why you're really here - menswear. As I said, the options were few, but in those numbered pieces, I saw promise, I gained hope for the continued evolution of men's fashion in the Philippines. I've mentioned time and again that I'm all about the classics, but you just have to respect the creativity that our countrymen are exhibiting. Yes, nothing breakthrough just yet but the fact that designers are giving attention to it, something special's bound to happen very, very soon. I say stay tuned, folks, and thank you, Metrowear for the fun avenue of Philippine fashion.

Rough and rugged from Jerome Lorico

Formal up top, party down below by Avel Bacudio

Back to black with JC Buendia and Randy Ortiz


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