The Happening: Go Get It, Young Rook!

I don't know what NBA players spend their money on, but I'm pretty sure a great majority of them don't use it to hire a stylist or buy clothes that fit. If you're looking for proof, look no further than those hideous five-button suits that have become a staple to every game since the NBA dress code. They simply do nothing for their fine athletic figures and unfortunately, those young kids who enter the NBA Draft think that wearing one is none but the norm.

In this year's Draft though, a glimmer of hope has come upon us. Yes, he may not be the next Michael Jordan, but damn it, the man made an early style impression the day he was called up. To me, Lebron is still the best, but this Wesley Johnson kid's a contender. Just look at what he wore to the draft: double-breasted blazer, tartan pants, a contrast yellow shirt, a red tie with gold tie bar, gold cuff links, and a green pocket square! All next-level stuff, and what makes it more impressive is that he put it all together seamlessly. Now that's how you dress for the biggest day of your life! Here's to hoping the league will follow in his dandy stead!

It's easy to spot who the best-dressed of the bunch is!

Looking forward to more stellar style showings, young man!

From an earlier shoot: Khaki suit + blue shirt + minimalistic pocket square!

Photos courtesy of Yahoo! Sports


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