The Store: Forever 21 (21 Men/Heritage 1981)

It seems as though every girl I know and their momma is excited for the opening of the original Forever 21 in SM Megamall on July 2. That is to be expected, sure, but what most guys don't know, though, is that we have equally as much reason to be thrilled. This is because the massive 2,700 square meter store will also house pieces for the fellas by 21 Men and Heritage 1981, two fine sub-brands that I can't help but fully get behind.

I actually had a first-hand experience of Heritage 1981 clothes already from my 2008 trip to New York. I was surprised at how low the prices were then and walked away having bought a suit, a bomber jacket, and two pairs of trousers. After looking through the wares here, I must say that the store's current offerings do not disappoint. They have everything - basic shirts, button-downs, outerwear, shorts, jeans, trousers, and some accessories to boot! A wide selection with great, great value, I must say.

The opening's just four days away, folks, so if I were you, I'd make preparations to be there on the first day. The store's giving away vouchers for the first 250 people to line up and what's better, you get to share the line with quite possibly a lot of fine women who have been waiting for this day for years, you know, just as you should be. Stay updated and add up Forever 21 on Facebook and Twitter now!

Four days to go before the big unveiling on July 2!

The store has everything, from dressed down to nights outta town

Fresh colorful button-downs to make that bold statement

A gray lightweight cotton hoodie for the rainy days

Essential V-necks for your wardrobe's foundation

Some equally handsome striped versions for variation

Bringing the sweet tops together

The perfect blue jeans

Likewise, for this gray denim pair

Interesting old-school provision for those suspenders

21 Men's take on the classic aviators

Capping off the accessory show with the timeless newsboy cap


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