The Happening: Penshoppe's "New Urbanite"

It's not everyday that I get personally invited to Fashion Week shows, so there was just no way in hell I was going to miss the unveiling of Penshoppe's latest offerings last Saturday. Entitled "The New Urbanite", it showcased the reimagining of the brand with three different incarnations of casualwear - sporty, dark and brooding, and military-inspired.

I must say, Penshoppe sure has come a long way from its teeny-bopper days with the grown outfits I saw in the show. The styling was basic yet spot-on (though with some minor WTFs), and the set-up - oh, that wonderful mirror set-up - was what I visualized all fashion week shows should look like. Overall, Penshoppe put on an enjoyable show (with a French-speaking Solenn-Heusaff) that left me excited for next year's version. I hope I still get invited then!

Sporty looks highlighting Penshoppe's basics

Bad ass black leather brothas from the 2nd segment

My favorite of the night's the look on the right

The final posedown (stay in character, male model at the right!)

The New Urbanites


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