Style I Love: Going Gray All Over

When it comes to the malls with the best-dressed people, I put Power Plant and Greenbelt 5 easily at the top of my list. Yesterday was proof to that theory as we bumped into Edwin, the partner of my girlfriend's dermatologist. He was sporting predominantly gray pieces all over, which is next level to me given the he pulled off the monochromatic look quite well without looking tacky. Key here are the subtle differences of the pieces despite the similar shade, which to me breaks the monotony. Put in the sweet accessory game and what we have is yet another well-dressed gent in one of the best-dressed malls of the metro!

Plaid Button-down (Zara), Buckled Belt (Prada), Piped Shorts (Topman)
Bag (Balenciaga), Tasseled Loafers (Zara)


eleazar said...
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Styles I Love said...

mr. eleazar, those are the kinds of comments that set the world back. congratulations.

eleazar said...

Hindrance of free expression of opinion sets the world back. My comment wasn't actually offensive, for I myself am gay. i'm an avid reader of your blog, in fact, i get my fashion sense here. Modesty aside, I get compliments all the time. Congratulations you are going gay all over.

Styles I Love said...

Well then, I apologize. I mistook you for some macho man with an oh so narrow worldview. I happen to respect the sensibilities of gay men as they are, without a doubt, among the most creative people on the planet. My apologies again and thank you for the support. Peace! :)

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