The Rundown

  • One Last Hurrah: Summer may be coming to an end, but with FILED! Beach Bags, the fun's just getting started. {Style Kit}
  • Easy Like Sunday Morning: Nothing like spending the Sabbath at the wonderful sites of Legaspi Village and thrift shopping after. {El Bosquejo}
  • Bangkok Burning: Next time when making a political point, please leave the innocent state-of-the-art shopping malls out of it. {Chuvaness}
  • It's That Time Again: With the release of the Philippine Fashion Week scheds, can't help but hope for the best for Philippine menswear. {Runway 2 Reality}
  • Summer Sighting: A lovely summer outfit anchored by, surprise, surprise, a fine Fred Perry button-down. {Style Anywhere}
  • A Cut Above: I tried my hand at teaching you how to cut shorts, but I admit it's best to consult the master of DIY on this one. {The Dandy Project}


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