The Item: Topman Scoop Neck Shirt

How 'bout that high temperature, eh? Every single day, I feel as if I am being thrown in the sauna when I go outside. Even at night, I am forced to turn on the air-conditioning just to sleep comfortably and not wake up drenched in sweat. As it goes, with all this continuously surging heat, I'm sure we've all tried something, anything, to keep cool.

Some down cold drinks, others bring fans with them everywhere they go, but me, I choose to add to my conservative list of clothing preferences. Yes, out of necessity, I've noticed that I try on some items that I normally wouldn't go for in the interest of added breathing room. Which brings us to this rather revealing lavender scoop neck shirt from Topman.

Never mind that it was on sale at only P325. The real selling points for me were the incremental neck room and the light cotton fabric with which it was made. Yes, I had my doubts at first (it was on sale), but they were all erased when I tried the article on. It didn't reveal too much (I'm conservative as you know) and will be a perfect match to the baggier pants which I find myself fancying these past few weeks. All in all, a fun discovery brought about by the most unbearable summer in recent history. Now whoever said we can't get anything good from all this heat?

Necessity is the mother of trying new clothes out!


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