The Guide: Wearing White Pants

They say in the States that you can't wear white pants after labor day. Why is that? When is labor day there anyways? Luckily for us, we care not for such silly rules. We can wear white pants whenever the hell we want, and as a confirmation of that liberty, I busted out my gleaming white trousers yesterday when I went off to work.

To many, white pants can be very intimidating. It easily dirties, it's hard to match anything with it, and yes, you can even look a ninny wearing one. I, however, would like to think otherwise. While you admittedly can't do anything but minimize the dirtying part (it's part of the fun!), you'd be surprised to see how easy it is to match said pants to a lot of existing items in your closet.

Start it off by pairing it with a soft colored button-down or collared shirt, something along the lines of what I'm wearing below - powder blue, pastel pink, ultra light yellow. This will make your outfit coherent without looking monochromatic. I know your trousers are like a blank canvass and all, but a light dab of color is really all you'll ever need. Subtlety, gents, is key, put those neon colors away please.

In terms of footwear, I believe classic pieces look best with white pants. White is by default a sporty color in itself already, so dress up your look with some tight loafers or oxfords to bring everything together. Black shoes with white pants can actually work like below, but if you're a bit apprehensive, brown is the way to go. Oh, and never, ever white with white. In this country where you can wear white pants whenever you want, that sirs, is my only restriction.

Powder Blue Oxford (Gap), Nubuck Straps (Topman), Braided Belt (SM)
White Trousers (Ralph Lauren), Tasseled Loafers (Bass)


Pardungsin said...

I agree that sometime I think it seem difficult to find which one is match with white pants..

Styles I Love said...

Well, Pardungsin, I hope this helped quite a bit. Thanks for the drop-by! :)

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