The Happening: Evolving MVP Dressing

For those who don't know or don't care, let me break the news to you: Lebron James is the NBA's Most Valuable Player for the '09-'10 season. Yeah, yeah, some would say he had the best statistical seasons in the history of the game, but let's not kid ourselves. We know what this award is about - it's not about leading your team to the best record and what not; it's about what the winner will wear to the awarding ceremony, always has been.

Being a back-to-back winner (joining the elite company of the likes of Bill Russell, Larry Bird, and Michael Jordan among others), we now have the pleasure of seeing whether or not Lebron's taste for clothing is growing as fast as his ridiculously unparalleled game. Last year, he wore a dark gray pinstriped suit with a white shirt and a matching tie to the ceremony. Okay for a first try, I suppose.

This year, however, it seems as though he called up his buddy Mr. Ralph Lauren for some fine suiting help. Because just as he did on the court all year long, he delivered big time. Light gray suit, powder blue shirt with a more modest collar, patterned brown tie and some sick accessories to boot (tie-bar, cuff links) along with a mini-fro too, the man looked like a winner. All he needs now is that first ring to complete the look and he'll be all set. With that I say, thank god for the NBA Dress Code!

Lightyears better, 'Bron. Now if you could only unbutton that second button.

Those cufflinks, unsuprisingly, are fit for a King

Man, even his kids have some dope swag. Well done with that bow tie, Lebron Jr.!

Photos courtesy of Yahoo Sports


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