The Art: The Genius of Spencer Tunick

I don't know how he came up with it and got so many people to participate, but I really can't help but marvel at the brilliance of Spencer Tunick. I've been familiar with his works for quite some time now, and if you didn't know who he is, then you've definitely been missing out, missing out on some very very good stuff I might add. You see, Mr. Tunick is known for his mass nudity installations (see: lots of people naked on the street) and if all that exposed flesh doesn't excite you, then maybe the artfulness of it all will.

Dirty thoughts aside, he uses the naked bodies as perfect elements for his installations. Whether it be in a scenic setting or just some beach in god-knows-where, he manages to orchestrate the positions of people so seemlessly that you really look at all those naked bodies more as a sum of its parts as opposed to zooming in on some naked hot chick like a perv. In many ways, he reminds us that the human body is and will forever be a work of art. That said, I still don't know how he does it, though. Such professionalism is needed to work with nude people for a living without getting "excited". Good on him. Lord knows we need more nudity in all our lives.

For more of his Mr. Tunick's works, click here!

Taken in Miami Beach. Synchronized Sunbathing.

Taken in Dublin, Ireland. By the Bay.

Taken in Buffalo, New York. The Morning Commute.

Taken in Barcelona, Spain. Road Block.

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Brian Taylor - PRO for British Naturism said...

The author of this article has subscribed to the common belief that nudity is automatically exciting in a sexual way. Anyone who has taken part in social nudity, whether at a naturist event or beach or a Spencer Tunick shoot, will tell you that it simply isn't exciting in that way at all. Clothes are frequently much more 'sexy' than nudity.

A recurrent theme from those who have reported their experiences at these recent Tunick shoots is how quickly they forget they are naked and how normal it feels.

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