The Item: Fred Perry x Liberty Blank Canvas

They say it takes a real man to wear pink. Well, if that's the case, it takes a real-er man to wear dainty patterns. So for you young studs out there who dare, here's Fred Perry with another wonderful collaboration, this time with the iconic Liberty of London. The house was kind enough to lend their "Mark" (paisley) and "Edenham" (floral) prints to the Laurel to give those classics we all love some quirky twists. The M12s were given makeovers, either full on body overhauls or just as highlights on the inner collar. The Harrington too was infused with the effervescent "Mark" lining. Admittedly too much at first, but I must say, it grows on you. With these babies on, you're sure to get attention wherever the hell you go!

Another winning combination courtesy of Fred Perry!

The full "Mark" shirt is next level. I'll think I'll go for the white shirt first.

Ditto for the black shirt. Although the paisley does look smashing.

I told you it grows on you. That full "Mark" button-down does deserve a try-on!

Photos courtesy of Fred Perry


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