The Happening: Weejun Confusion

My girlfriend and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary last Saturday and in true best-girlfriend-in-the-world fashion, she gave me a gift that I've wanted for quite some time now. She may have read this or may have noticed the countless times I've tried on the shoes at all Bass outlets imaginable, but thanks to her, I now have them Layton Weejuns!

When we got to the Bass store in Glorietta to exchange the pair she got though (the saleslady gave her 2 left shoes!), she told me to pick out the pair I wanted most. That's when the dilemma began. I tried on the Laytons alongside the Larson penny loafers to see what would look better and you know what, it was a real close decision.

The Layton vs. The Larson

In the end, we decided that the Laytons were really the way to go. It was those sweet fringes and tassels which ultimately led to the selection. The charming details just gave the pair that added edge and memorability, which was perfect for the celebration of a true milestone in this young couple's history.

The best anniversary gift, Bass Layton Weejuns!

Happy Anniversary, AC! Even without the awesome gift, it would've still been a true celebration to remember. That said, I sure didn't mind getting the shoes, though!


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