The Item: Uniqlo Colored Cords

What'd I tell ya about corduroy, huh? Well, it seems as though it's becoming another darling fabric of fall with everyone and their momma making their own versions of the old man favorites. Next up on that growing list, one of my favorite brands-which-I-hope-we-had-here, Uniqlo.

Veering away from conventional colors, Uniqlo has done it again with yet another healthy dosage of bright hues to give you all the attention you want. Definitely not for the shy or the timid, but with their relatively low price, I say give 'em a chance. I know I'd rock the green, red, and royal blue versions with a plain shirt and some boats. It just takes some gahones, bruh, and I'm sure you have those.

I'd take everything except the purple. I do have my limits too, after all.

Photos courtesy of Selectism


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