The Happening: When Fakes are Quite Aight

Last Saturday, my girlfriend and I made our way from Glorietta to Greenbelt via Landmark when I saw something that just needed to be documented. In Landmark's shoe section was a stand that read "Fred Perry." And in it were some sweet boat shoes that, truth be told, were actually pretty good! I was attracted most to this red, white, and blue boat shoe which was going for, get this, a mere 1,200 bucks!

"Fred Perry" boat shoes are, surprisingly, the shiznit

A Closer Look: I'm loving the color combination!

I for one have not been supportive of fakes, but when fakes are this sweet and quite distant from the orginal line (Fred doesn't have boat shoes to the best of my knowledge), is it time to take the plunge?



tempting but no! haha

pau said...

i'm not a big fan of fakes too. but then again, i'm not a big fan of overpriced items too. so if the quality is good, and the price is right. rip off the tag, so that you could say that you din't buy it for the price, but for what it's actually worth.

Dexter said...

I think these are not 'fakes' but instead are 'licensed' items. I have been seeing these back in the early 90s at SM department stores. That's what's so bad about brands granting licensees. Let YSL, Pierre Cardin, Le Tigre be an example. Would you blow a huge amount for a YSL shirt when you could get something from the same brand at a 'mass market' price and available at SM or Landmark perhaps? This is exactly what Tom Ford did when he got on board at Gucci. Buy out all licensees. And by that, the brand regained exclusivity.

Styles I Love said...

You know what guys, if the tag didn't say "Fred Perry", I would've probably nabbed these babies. It's just so funny how we think like that, huh?

Anyhow, I actually heard that licensed items story from the REAL Fred Perry's Elaine already. She said there's really nothing they could do about it, so the boat shoe Fred's are here to stay.

A word to whoever owns the license, though. Why don't you change the name so we can all call it a day? That way, you would have at least one more customer. Hey, I'm all for locally made products anyway! :)

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