The Item: Doc Marten SS 10 Collection

I'm not really a fan of Doc Martens, so it came as a surprise to me that I found these kicks from the brand's Spring Summer 2010 collection to be quite the objects of desire. It still had that same chunky Doc silhouette, but came in various colors and a white sole that hasn't been done before in these 'ere parts. Another lesson on how color can rejuvenate the classics, I suppose.

A fresh take on these bulky classics

The colors they come in are just awesome

Anyhow, what I love about them is that they have that canvas-y feel to them without being exactly made of canvas. It's treated leather, so you can have that same toughness with a more laid back look. My friends, for the first time ever, I actually want to try these on just to see what they'll look like. They may still not be me, but cooler Docs sans the rocker edginess of shiny black leather? Definitely worth a shot.

Sure looks like canvas from afar. Either way, no problem here!

Photos courtesy of This is Naive


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