The Happening: Disasters at the Star Magic Ball

I've always been frustrated by the fact that local celebrities get all this money/free stuff and yet still fail to bring their style game to another level. It's one thing to look blah during the weekly ASAPs or the SOPs, but when you're going to a ball, you better make damn sure to look your finest.

Well, I guess most of the ABS-CBN male talents didn't get the memo. I mean, they tried to suit up at the annual Star Magic Ball, but all they did was bastardize the recommended approach to black tie events (Stick to the friggin' classics!). It wasn't the Preview Best Dressed Ball, that's for sure. What it was was an unfortunate mix of guys trying too hard, not trying at all, and some just thinking "what the hell, this might work."

It didn't though. And once again, I am left scratching my head quite vigorously, thinking why men try to complicate things too much when it comes to fashion. One more time to those who just don't want to listen, stick to the classics and looking good will be as easy as acting craptastically in a teleserye! Yes, it's that easy!

I'm all for innovation, but this, for suits? Come on!

Table for two, please. Oh, can I get some house water too?

A little overboard with the pattern there, Mr. Cuenca?

If he's here, then who's guarding the door?

Really, three lapels in one suit? Mr. Milby sure packed it in!

I had no idea Captain Jack Sparrow was a Kapamilya!

It wasn't all bad, though. I actually liked the outfits of John Lloyd Cruz (who just recovered from a style hiccup) and Piolo Pascual who both rocked bow ties (go figure). I have to say that I'm not a fan of Piolo's style, but on this night, he killed it. I gotta give credit where it is sure damn well due. Congrats, you handsome dog.

This was flawless. Kudos, Mr. Pascual!

The air socks were a fine touch. Welcome back, JLC!

Photos courtesy of ABS-CBN


Izzy said...

Oh dear, these bad suits are such an indelible mark of Philippine cinema.

Styles I Love said...

Unfortunately, yes. But I want to believe that there is hope for showbiz folk just yet!

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