The Item: Kolor Cardigan-Jacket

I'm not at all crazy about fusion clothing items. It's probably because all the pieces I've seen so far seem so forced, looking more like Frankenstein monsters than actual wearable pieces. While there has been a lack of reasons to change my mind thus far, this cardigan-jacket by Kolor sure is a step in the right direction.

Two of my favorite colors! How'd they know?

What I like most about 'em is that you can still clearly see elements of both the cardigan and the jacket, but they're blended so seamlessly that you just see the whole thing as awesome outerwear. Coming in two beautiful colors and made from what looks to be tweed, Kolor made the perfect model to show up all the mad scientists out there who still insist on jamming things together and calling them clothes.
The stand-up collar is a fine touch

Nautical details are always welcome by me

Photos courtesy of Selectism


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