The Rundown

  • A Band Apart: Finally, somebody who shares my love for Band of Outsiders and their wonderful model selection process. {Offbeat Collective}
  • Three's a Company: Trilogy and the 2 GreyOne Social outlets are having their final sale of the year starting tomorrow. Yes, a threesome I can take part in! {Beautiful Things}
  • Going Down: Ant made a case for drop crotch pants for men. A convincing argument, but we're all waiting for the pictures, man! {Alphabetical}
  • The Look or Less: Go-sees for the models who want to be in the Philippine Fashion Week SS 2010 shows are happening this Sunday. Uhm, is there a "normal guy look" category? {Runway 2 Reality}
  • The Big 4-O: Gap celebrated its 40th by releasing their 1969 Premium Jeans. I guess what they say about life just beginning at 40 is true; the brand's never looked better. {Chuvaness}



I just found out Band of Outsiders is available here in Sg. My heart literally skipped a beat. My poor wallet.

Styles I Love said...

Oh man, so near yet so far! I actually hope they don't become available here. Because if they do, it'll be all over. No savings...forever!

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