The Happening: Would You Line Up for It?

I hate Thursdays. It's that one day of the week when I am required by law to wake up early and get to the office before 7 AM, you know, to lessen the god-forsaken traffic here in Manila (yeah, like that'll solve it). Anyhow, when I arrived so early yet again today, I was surprised to see the usually empty sidewalks occupied by droves of eager young men. Inside I thought, "Are they lining up for Krispy Kreme again?"

The cause of all the early morning commotion

Turns out, it was the line to reserve the apparently much awaited Manny Pacquiao Limited Edition Nikes. (I still can't believe it; a Filipino with his own line of kicks!) I really wasn't into trainers anymore, but the mounting interest outside resurrected the retired sneakerhead in me and wanted me to catch a glimpse. And saw them I did, inside a glass case that unfortunately, was more impressive than its contents.

Kind of bleh, don't you think?

I would've preferred the more colorful version, but that's just me

I mean, they're not butt ugly. I just think it's not worth all the attention. Maybe it's the Limited Edition status that made people line up. Maybe it's their devotion to our dear Pacman. Maybe it's all a scheme by Nike and the people who lined up were paid (my boss' elaborate conspiracy theory). I, on the other hand, saw nothing special. The black colorway does nothing for me. Now if they were to release this version, all the fanfare would've been much deserved. Which begs the question: Why don't we ever get the good stuff?


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