The Guide: The Charm of Chambray

One thing you absolutely must know before reading on is that chambray is not the same as denim. They may look alike, some would even say they smell alike, but when it comes right down to it, their difference is in their make. Denim is a twilled cloth and chambray is woven with crossed threads. In English, that means chambray is generally thinner and will keep you cooler when worn.

Oh, and did I mention they look great as shirts too? No wonder designers and labels have been churning them out lately. Well, seeing as they just keep on coming, I think it would be safe to herald it as the fabric of the season. A fine choice, I believe, as it presents this rather interesting irony of man who wears the most casual looking fabric in a piece that is supposed to be a bit more dressed up.

Deep thoughts aside, they look pretty fresh by me and should give those white button-down oxfords of yours some much needed washing time. Just make sure you don't go all uniform-y on me by wearing 'em with jeans of the same shade. You're not a cowboy leading a square dance are you? Yup, didn't think so.

The nice chambray shirt almost makes us forget the guy's pornstache

Ahh, Mr. Lauren, you always nail them shirts

Same goes for you, J.Crew! I love how soft this shirt looks.

Photos courtesy of Selectism, Ralph Lauren, and J.Crew



This guy knows his chambray very well:

Styles I Love said...

i totally agree. i actually read his blog before and the guy is a chambray connoisseur if there ever was one!


Saw one over the weekend and fell in love with it. Was never a fan a Gap but definitely buying it within the week.

Styles I Love said...

you know what, ram? some years back, i would've never bought gap. but looking at my purchases these past few months, i saw that a large chunk of them actually came from gap.

so either my taste is dipping or gap's just improving by leaps and bounds. i sure hope it's the latter! haha! :)


hahaha definitely the latter thanks to Patrick Robinson

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