The Happening: Vintage Awesomeness

I guess it's true what they say about always finding something unfamiliar in the familiar. I mean, I've been to Greenhills a ton of times, and yet it was only today that I discovered the store that housed the motherload of sweet vintage stuff.

Hard to believe that amidst all the fake Crocs, "Class A" LV bags, and whispers of "DVD, sir" were items that actually made my girlfriend and I stop to smell the baul-y stench of all things old. The selection was wonderful. They had snaps of the Manila in the 20s, magazines from the 70s, old household items, pins, bills; you name it, they probably got it.

My only regret in finding the place was that I didn't have my trusty dSLR to document all the awesomeness. Next time you drop by Greenhills, you just gotta see it for yourself. The shop's a history lesson told not by events but the everyday items that in truth, define the way we live. Yeah, sentimental me, I know.

Old yet wonderful gold pins for only P20-P30!

An actual P5 bill from the Japanese occupation for P50! How greedy!

Way before Rogue and Garage, there was Ginoo Magazine!

For the vintage voyeur, an unfortunately broken videocam

The only surviving ancestor of my dSLR!


pm said...

pare where is this exactly in greenhills? thanks! :)

Styles I Love said...

it's in the center of the tiangge area, near the exit going to shopsville. yup, that's really the best i could do. you know how crazy greenhills is. :)

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