The Item: Thom Browne x Samsonite Black Label Attache Briefcase

Today in ridiculously expensive stuff news, I give you Samsonite Black Label's newest collaborative effort with top-designer-of-the-moment Thom Browne. An attache briefcase with that same mix of the neutral tones and wacky details that has become Mr. Browne's signature, this is yet another reason to bring your work with you wherever you go. Or at least you can pretend to do so. Don't worry, you "hard worker", you; our little secret!

Serious on the outside, sweet stripes on the inside!

All topped off with the interesting stitching pattern next to Mr. Browne's name

Photos courtesy of Selectism


Therese San Diego said...

Just read your post! The bag seems to elicit similar comments from its fans like "[insert adjective here] on the outside, [insert adjective here] on the inside" Hahaha :D The stripes are what made it stand out, huh? Cool post!

khaz of beautiful things said...

i like!

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