The Happening: Lend a Helping Hand. Now.

By now, you all know what happened. It's all over the news. Some of your relatives and friends may be in the middle of it. So many families have been evacuated. All they've worked for - their homes, their cars - gone. For the lucky few of us who haven't been hit that hard, the question is: What the hell you gon' do 'bout it?

I say help out in whatever way you can: Donate clothes, give blankets, allot groceries, or make your way down to the relief areas near you and volunteer if possible. In the end, it really doesn't matter. As long as you're doing something, someone would be better off, and helping a brotha out is always a style I love.

Make like this fella and lend a helping hand, will ya?

Update: Just got home from helping out in the relief operations in Ateneo and I must say, it was very inspiring to see a lot of people (young ones at that) doing their part to help those affected by Ondoy. There is still a lot to be done though, and I will be there again later tonight. Relief operations are all over the place. Take your pick. It's all the same love being shown for those who deserve it.

Photo courtesy of Xin Hua Net


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