The Item: Goodies by Gap x Pharrell

Lately I've been noticing my increasing affinity for Gap. First, it was just the two button-down oxfords I bought, then a pair of khakis, and now I'm thinking of getting one of their vintage gray tees. Funny how just last year, I didn't even go into one Gap store when I was in the States. Not one. Now, I can't go a day without wanting to go in!

Probably says a lot about the direction the brand's going in. After being the butt of jokes in movies for years (see Clueless, Cruel Intentions), the brand has reinvented itself by focusing on what they do best and making them even better. I'm talking American classics, people, which they've upgraded once again with their 40th anniversary collaboration with celebrated hip hop icon Pharrell Williams.

Coined the "Bionic" collection, Skateboard P designed shirts, a pair of khakis, a duffel bag, a hoodie, and my favorite, 2 pairs of shoes all in washout white and all using yarn made from recycled plastic bottles. Wow, this eco-style thing is really kicking into high gear, huh? Eco-friendly or not, I definitely want a piece of the line. Too bad it's only located in London's Carnaby St. Wait, Gap's from the US right?

The entire Bionic collection keeps things simple and sweet

The slip-on's definitely an object of desire

The pop-up store of the American brand but only in London. Still weird to me!

Photos courtesy of Hypebeast


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