The Item: The Pea Coat

With the so-called "ber" months kicking in, I can't help but think of fall and the many splendid outfits one could wear in countries that actually experience it. Above all, though, the one thing I always associate with the season is the pea coat, one of my favorite pieces but alas, none but a dream to wear in this goddamn tropical country of ours.

A perfectly tailored pea coat gives a unique blend of attitude and class

I mean, just look at it. You could be wearing nothing but a plain shirt under it and yet it immediately gives you that muted power statement we all so secretly desire. I was so crazy about 'em that I actually thought about buying a wool one before in the States. I could just visualize how good it would look on me, but then reality intervened. The fact is, I'd look cool for only about five minutes before them sweat glands do their thing here in Manila. Well, let's just say it ain't gonna be pretty!

Looking at that beautiful gray number makes me even sadder. Sheesh.

And so, just like the sweet Ferrari I saw parked in Serendra the other day, all I could do now is admire them pea coats from afar, wishing that one day, one day, I'd be able to wear 'em without even breaking a sweat. Heck, with all the crazy weather we're having, that day may come sooner than anybody expects!

Photos courtesy of The Sartorialist and Hypebeast


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