The Item: The Underground Fusion Sneaker

It's been a while since I last saw some "unknown" shoes that really caught my eye. I mean, I appreciate the work that some young small entrepreneurs/designers do, but none of them stand out as all-world pieces that can readily compete with the heavy-hitters of the shoe game. And then, I saw this.

Just Wonderful: The details of the shoe are interesting yet not overbearing

A canvas sneaker with a desert boot silhouette adorned by boat shoe and moccasin details? Now that's how you make a splash, dear readers! It's from a brand called Underground, which I found, nay, found me at Crossing's. Judging from the current out of stock situation, it seems as though I've been a bit late in bringing you news about 'em. So sorry about that, but with such smashing success, the brand better come out with some equally sick new releases. They just have to!



Neat! Looks like the sneaks/boat shoes I saw at Trilogy from generic surplus

Styles I Love said...

Sweet right? Too bad it was the last pair! I was seriously considering 'em!

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