The Rundown: The Ondoy Aftermath

The storm's over and the floods are finally starting to disappear, but the real work is just about to begin. With so many displaced without anything to cling on, the blogging community shows its heart and does what it can to mobilize the masses. I for one am proud to be united with these people in spreading the word.
  • Help Directory: A comprehensive list of how you can do your part. {The Fash Pack}
  • Help Directory, Part Deux: A helpful link to the Inquirer's own compiled list. {The CityLifeStylist}
  • Store's Open: Paul Smith and Ben Sherman are also accepting donations which they'll send to various relief operations. {Alphabetical}
  • Close to Home: A great place to start helping is with the people around you. {Chuvaness}
  • Be Prepared: Some tips on how to prepare for floods that hopefully won't be needed anytime soon. {Manila Fashion Observer}


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