The Happening: To Sole or Not to Sole

One look at the sole of my Weejuns and you'd think that it's been with me for years. Truth is, I've only used it twice and yet they look like they've been sandpapered mercilessly by an out of control 5-year old. That's the thing with leather soles I suppose. They look and even smell nice (yeah, I sniffed it) but one step and they're tarnished even more.

Still looks new from the top...

But more like a seasoned vet from the bottom

The dilemma I'm having now is whether to buy thin rubber sole attachments to stop the scratching or just let it have that aged look it was destined to have. I'm kind of leaning towards the latter but the OC in me is irritated every time I see another batch of scratches on what were once spotless soles. I guess a visit to Mr. Quickie will finish the debate once and for all. Then, I can recommend based on first-hand experience what to do best with those mystical leather soles. Stay tuned.



I've the same problem...uhh go to Bessas instead..they do it better there

Styles I Love said...

Noted, Ram! I just can't bear to watch my soles give out so damn easily! :S

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