The Rundown

  • National Treasure: Collezione C2 continues to make sweet patriotic shirts that give horridly dressed politicians a chance to look half-decent in casual garb. {The CityLifeStylist}
  • The Magic Fabric: With yet another endorsement, it seems as though chambray is finally getting the respect it damn sure well deserves. {Alphabetical}
  • My First Freebie?: A free serving of Chocnut Ice Cream is in store for those who blog about the already famous dessert from Canteen. Considering my appetite, you may wanna take that offer back. {Cholo Dela Vega}
  • Forbidden Fruit: Apple has finally unleashed the new iPods into the wild. Somewhere, Steve Jobs is grinning in his tacky black turtleneck, enjoying your well-earned money. {Kikay Exchange}
Photo courtesy of Collezione C2


Therese San Diego said...

I really love that shirt! :D

Styles I Love said...

I'm really loving polka dots right now too! In the past months, I've bought a Topman polka polo shirt and the Joey Samson polka collab with Human. Damn it, I think I'm gonna end up buying this one too!

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