The Brand: Uniqlo

My friend Chino just got back from Hong Kong some days ago and along with his return came a boat load of spoils from a Japanese brand called Uniqlo. A contracted version of the company's previous name, Unique Clothing Warehouse, Uniqlo is Japan’s leading clothing retail chain in terms of both sales and profits. Might as well add awesomeness to that list, because they're one of the best brands in the world, in my view, when it comes to high quality goods at relatively low costs.

My first encounter with the brand was about a year ago in their 2-storey shop in SoHo in New York. My cousin Third was the one who hyped it up, as I previously had no idea about it then. Going into the store, you just know that the pieces were distinctly Japanese designed. The graphics on the shirts and the overall styling of the mannequins gave it away. And I must say, one glance it all it took. I was immediately impressed.

The Uniqlo Soho Store: Gotta love that Detective Conan sighting

The layout of colors is a thing to behold!

Fit is the first thing I look for in the brand, and Uniqlo's got it locked down. Slim but not too tight, always a winning formula. Design is the next, a check there too. Complimenting their already strong in-house designed casual pieces were several collaborations from the brand's annual Designer Invitational which included Phillip Lim to Opening Ceremoney to Gilded Age. A true treat for us normal people who can't afford those designers' normally priced pieces!
Love the color on that sweater and those trousers!

The knit tie is perfection
A bit too loud for me, but definitely works for him

Opening Ceremony for Uniqlo: The pastel polo's the shit

As I mentioned earlier, Uniqlo's crowning glory is its price. Rivaled only by H&M, you're almost sure to get a bargain every time. Chino, for instance, got some check shorts and knit ties from the Hong Kong outlet without spending more than P1,500 pesos for each of the pieces. Quite a bargain if you look at what you're getting in return. Oh yeah, they also gave him a free weaved belt. Definitely worth going out of your way for if you find yourself in Hong Kong, the US, and if you're really lucky, Japan!


colortension said...
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Glen said...

Bobby! :D Nice blog!

Lorenz said...

It's my favorite store. :D :D :D
I also bought Uniqlo items for my friends when I was in Hong Kong and Japan. :))

Styles I Love said...

Thanks Glen! Keep on reading, my friend! :)

Styles I Love said...

Isn't it grand, Lorenz? So cheap yet so beautiful! That combination always works... :)

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